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Moon Lit Waters was established in honor of the cherished memory of our founders Late Wife, Tiffany, and Daughter, Malasia.

Their profound influence illuminated the paramount significance of a reliable Medical Supply Store. MLW is dedicated to honoring and surpassing their enduring legacy by striving to meet and exceed their expectations.

Moon Lit Waters was founded in memory of individuals whose lives underscored the critical need for a reliable Medical Supply Store. Our commitment at MLW is to exceed the envisioned standards set by these inspirations.

Through significant experiences, we've gained invaluable insights. Handling the responsibility of caring for a child with Cerebral Palsy in the face of adversity offered profound lessons. Navigating the complexities of securing necessary equipment and medications underscored the need for reliable support in the medical supply domain.

Our mission is driven by a commitment to ensuring individuals in need receive exceptional service and superior products. While our aim isn't to provide healing, our goal is to enhance the comfort and ease

of those we serve. Drawing from personal battles with various illnesses, we understand and empathize with many of the challenges faced by our customers. Trust is built on our firsthand understanding of your requirements.

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